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Cardiff Airport launches aviation safety week

Cardiff Airport has announced its participation in the first ever ‘UK Airports Safety Week’ in conjunction with the Airport Operators Association (AOA).

The airport-led initiative, which begins today and runs until 25th September, will take place across 52 UK airports and aims to promote and demonstrate health and safety practices to airport employees and the public.

From landing an aircraft on a simulator (organised by National Air Traffic Services), to tours of the airfield and runway, staff and visitors to Cardiff Airport will have the opportunity to take part in a range of fun and educational activities over the duration of the week.

Quizzes for adults and children, safety videos, and presentations on the importance of occupational health and office safety, as well as the changing attitudes towards safety, will be presented by the Quality Safety Health and Environment team. Pop-up desks revealing safety information will also be strategically placed throughout the airport.

Passengers travelling to and from Wales’ national airport will have the chance to join in the fun by teaming up with security teams to try out hand-held metal detectors.

In the main terminal, employees will explain the rules and regulations on liquids and laptops to passengers while staff will join Swissport in the pushback of an aircraft. The opportunity to shadow a despatcher on an aircraft turnaround is also possible.

Pop-up stands featuring information on the increase in drones and laser attacks on airports will be showcased by the Airport Police Group. A new campaign on Disruptive Passengers, with the aim of educating travellers on the do’s and don’ts in an airport will kick off during the week.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) walks along the apron aircraft parking area to spot any object that should not be there (e.g. rubbish blown onto it) or FOD “Guess the weight” competitions will also take place.

Cardiff Airport’s Bird Control Unit will brief staff on its in depth training programme as well as teaching children about the variety of birds living around the airport.

Ceri Mashlan, General Manager Operations, at Cardiff Airport, said: “This is a great opportunity for us to engage with staff across the whole airport and with the travelling public. As Wales’ national airport, we take health and safety practices extremely seriously. Events taking place over the course of the week will give us the opportunity to meet our passengers and to have fun in educating them on some of the most important aspects of how we run our airport and how we keep both visitors and staff safe.”

Chief Executive of the AOA, Darren Caplan said: “Airports are like towns and cities where safety affects everyone from passengers to airline, airport and air traffic control staff. UK airports work hard every day to provide passengers with an enjoyable and safe travel experience. If we do our work right, much of this work will go unnoticed by passengers and staff alike.

“The AOA UK Airports Safety Week is an opportunity to bring all this work out into the public and demonstrate to all airport users the many aspects of safety and safety culture at UK airports. It will be an opportunity to learn more about everyone’s role and contribution as well as a chance to say thanks to the many thousands of workers who make UK aviation and airports one of the safest in the world.”