19 Rhagfyr

Cardiff Airport makes strides in waste management practices

Cardiff Airport has introduced a new waste management strategy as part of its long term vision to deliver a sustainable airport business for Wales.

New measures have been introduced to improve waste management streams across the entire site, which will, in turn, lead to Cardiff Airport achieving zero waste to landfill status.

Increased recycling activity will be rolled out throughout the terminal, including Airport partners such as food and drink outlets. New bins have been placed throughout the site, which are clearly marked to make it easier to segregate waste and place them in the correct vessels to be recycled.

Working in partnership with local waste management experts Smiths Gloucester Ltd, the Airport team has received bespoke training tailored to the business in order to educate the workforce and promote responsible waste management. Smiths Gloucester Ltd has been contracted to remove and process the recycled materials, which will generate cost savings, result in less general waste and ensure recyclable materials are handled correctly.

Cardiff Airport has a Rocket Food Waste Composter on site, which is designed to recycle food wastes generated on site. The Rocket generates compost which will be sent to the nearby allotments on Ceri Road in Rhoose to help nourish the vegetables and horticulture.  

This project is the next step in Cardiff Airport’s recently unveiled Environmental Flight Path – a timeline of immediate and short term environmental goals. These milestones will be delivered in line with the organisation’s vision to become a ‘Carbon neutral Airport’ and is a key consideration for the Airport’s Masterplan development over the next two decades.

Mark Bailey, Director of Airport Planning and Development at Cardiff Airport, commented: “This is an exciting phase in our journey to becoming a zero waste to landfill site. Working with industry experts, Smiths Gloucester Ltd, Our team has benefited from being educated on waste management practices and will continue to learn and share best practice among colleagues and customers with the added benefit of a reporting tool to measure progress. We look forward to the future and to being able to demonstrate some impressive savings in the coming months, not to mention a continued focus on reducing general waste.” 

Rebecca Pullin, Company Secretary at Smiths Gloucester Ltd, added: “We are very excited to be entering into a partnership with Cardiff International Airport and are looking forward to introducing more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to improve the Airport’s carbon footprint.

“The partnership itself symbolises the great strides we have made as a company in South Wales and we feel as though it is testament to our positive approach to waste management and sustainability. The partnership is one we feel that will grow from strength to strength, ensuring that both parties are leading the way in the South Wales region when it comes to all responsibilities associated with the management and disposal of waste.”